Tech Knowledge Solutions (TKS) has rebranded and is now Lavvi

Conquer Distribution in a remote world

Our proven, fully configurable, API-driven, no-code product suite helps life insurance companies sell online using endless distribution models.

Our platform covers the spectrum from advisor-driven to consumer driven sales

The most flexible life insurance sales distribution platform on the market

More distribution models mean greater channel opportunities and more policies sold. With multiple ways to sell and varying advisor involvement, you can leverage the most flexible platform on the market.

Accelerate the buying process

Empower every advisor to become a top producing superstar with a platform that offers a no-fail automated sales journey that increases both advisor and consumer engagement and conversion. We’ve automated repeatable steps and upselling/cross-selling opportunities so your sales force can focus on what matters most: the consumer relationship.

No-fail compliance adherence

Place more policies when you benefit from automated compliance features that make adherence foolproof.

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Bank-grade security

Rest easy with bank-grade security-first technology that protects your sensitive data. 

Built by advisors

Enhance advisor engagement when you offer a platform built and validated using feedback from hundreds of advisors to ensure maximum adoption.

Fully integrated and API-driven

Eliminate doubt with future-proof software that connects to existing business processes and CRMs.

Modular solutions that grow with you

Maximize your investment with a modular platform that provides a suite of plug and play apps that can be used independently or together – depending on your unique needs. Make the right choice when you implement software that’s scalable and can evolve with your organization’s current and future business needs.

Low-risk pay-per-use model

We put our money where our mouth is, with flexible pay-per-usage pricing models that suit your needs.

Real time data analytics and reporting

Make better business decisions with sophisticated real-time analytics dashboards and comprehensive weekly reporting.

We know modern consumers expect more, and so should you.

Lead your industry when you sell how they want to buy.

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