Brian Palmer

Director of Market Intelligence

Brian has been delivering exceptionally high-quality marketing and sales services for nearly 15 years — with 10 of those years proudly dedicated to being a passionate member of the Lavvi team. 

Brian holds a Bachelor of Management from Capilano University, along with specialized insurance industry training, including completing the Life Office Management Association’s (LOMA) Insurance Immersion program as well as the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ (SCIP) Foundations Training. 

Brian is a conscientious and empathetic marketing and research professional, deeply committed to understanding the needs, goals, and desires of life insurance professionals. He is also invested in monitoring emerging trends in the life insurance market so Lavvi can better proactively serve our customers and technology users. 

A proud father and rugby fan, Brian spends his free time with family and connecting to his UK heritage through music. Like the rest of the Lavvi team, he is committed to continuous improvement and is an active member of Toastmaster’s and is currently taking Welsh language training.