Sell in more distribution channels. Increase your revenue.

Conquer alternative distribution in a modern world with an all-in-one life insurance sales distribution platform that lets you sell to modern consumers the way they want to buy:

  • Direct-to-consumer
  • Embedded insurance partnerships
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Third party B2B2C partnerships

Proven Solutions

Exceed your targets and lead your industry when you master your distribution strategy mix with one single platform.

Lavvi’s platform suite delivers all-in-one sales distribution solutions with the most channel opportunities in the market today. More channel opportunities means bigger revenue.


We’ve had a longstanding successful partnership with Lavvi for nearly a decade, built on trust and digital distribution expertise. Allowing the Lavvi team to lead the build of our digital distribution platforms for both our distribution partners direct-to-consumer solutions and advisor sales distribution strategies has allowed our internal teams to refocus on our backend systems and processing. Lavvi’s API-driven platform has helped us get to market faster, and the flexibility of the platform has also made us easier for other insurers or agents to partner with. Meanwhile, we’ve seen a 231% increase in online sales year over year via our distribution partners direct-to-consumer solutions and that number is still rising! Luc Bosse, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Assumption Mutual Life

Find more distribution partners

Be easier to do business with and find more distribution partners with a simple API-driven platform.

Fail-proof compliance adherence

Place more policies when you benefit from automated compliance features that make adherence foolproof.

Sell where other insurers can’t

With software that meets regulatory compliance in every region.

Deliver a modern buying experience

Sell how they want to buy, when they want to buy, with seamless consumer UX that converts.

Master your alternative distribution strategy mix

Impress your leadership and instill confidence in your team when you exceed your distribution revenue goals with one platform.

Direct-to-consumer can mean so much more than selling directly online. Discover multiple ways to sell strategically to middle market consumers at the right time. A more robust and modern distribution strategy means you are better equipped to conquer your market. Flexible distribution options include:

  • Direct-to-consumer
  • Embedded insurance partnerships
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Third party B2B2C partnerships

Deliver a modern buying experience the converts

Sell where middle market consumers are and maximize engagement. With an intuitive self-serve experience, you can deliver seamless UX with a proven 50% application conversion rate.

You can also benefit from gaining critical consumer data to help you better personalize products and nurture your customers with a buying experience that sets you apart.

Place more policies when you partner strategically

As many insurers know, insurance isn’t bought it’s sold. This means buying insurance online as easy and frictionless as possible for consumers. So is being there at the right time.

Lavvi’s API-driven software enables strategic partnerships, so you can embed optional life insurance products at point of sale for important consumer life stage purchases.

Partner with insurance distribution experts

Work with partners who understand your business and have proven results. When you work with distribution experts, you benefit from industry expertise and guidance that gets you to market faster, more efficiently, and with more distribution options than you thought possible.

Built for your unique needs

The Software Suite

Quote & Checkout App

Within seconds, you can launch your own custom-branded digital storefront that allows consumers to discover products and self-educate. Every storefront is fully-customizable, with options that include:

  • quick quote tools that can stand-alone or be embedded on a distributor website
  • virtual appointment booking, and
  • shared workspace to work collaboratively with consumers online.

Put consumers in the driver seat with this compliance-automated app that delivers a frictionless self-serve consumer checkout. At any time, consumers can access direct support tools. This means a better consumer experience and increased conversions – with a proven 50% application conversion rate.

Admin Portal App

Achieve visibility of your pipeline and easily configure your insurance products or medical questions in real-time. Review critical data and key reports using a sophisticated yet simple analytics dashboard. You can also quickly build quoting widgets or apps for partner websites. This means you can get new products to market faster and make better business decisions faster.

Optional Tools & Features

Master your digital distribution strategy with flexible modular tools and features that can be plugged-in throughout the sales journey. 

Options include:

  • ID verification tool
  • AI pre-screening chatbot
  • Secure document exchange vault
  • Reason Why’ letter generator
  • Needs analysis feature to determine personalized coverage needs

We know modern consumers expect more, and so should you.

Lead your industry when you sell how they want to buy.