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We are a group of high performers who care about the work we produce and the people we choose to work with. Our team is built on diversity of skills, mindset, and perspective. Being results-driven, we avoid group think” and encourage every team member to use their voice.

Our Values

We believe that shared values provide a common purpose that unites us, whether our team members or our customers. Our values are the meterstick by which we measure our success and show up for each other daily.

We perform at a high level of excellence and with a positive attitude. We possess strong emotional intelligence and lead by example. We consistently behave in the best interest of the team and our customers and are motivated by the company’s impact on the lives of others.


We are always working on new skills to fill knowledge gaps and further our capabilities both professionally and personally. Lavvi team members are continuous learners who actively seek feedback and opportunities for growth.


Simply put, we do what we say we’re going to do. Skilled in time management, we are dependable and accurately manage the expectations of other team members, partners and customers.


We demonstrate and practice positive empathy and active listening with team members and clients alike. We put ourselves in others’ shoes and seek to understand before being understood. We lead with kindness to self and others while demonstrating respect for differing opinions and personalities.


We are able and willing to act despite any fears and stand up for what we believe in, even when alone. We are strong enough to be vulnerable and willing to be proven wrong, and can pivot when needed to move forward together in the right direction.


We demonstrate hunger to learn and take on additional responsibilities when possible. We are fueled by a strong desire to achieve, balancing both individual goals with business goals.


We demonstrate caring and warmth. We are compassionate yet effective. We leave a positive impact on others. We show up as someone others want to work alongside. We demonstrate respect for different opinions.

Team player

We actively contribute to meet shared objectives. We behave in the best interest of the company, the team, and our customers. We share knowledge openly and transparently. We strive for success of the team rather than the individual. We pull our own weight, knowing our contributions are part of a larger whole.

Current Openings

WE’RE always looking to hire top talent, even if there isn’t a current opening.