Hi, we’re Lavvi.


We help life insurance companies become easier to do business with, whether:

  • Discovering alternative distribution channels (including direct-to-consumer, embedded insurance, and voluntary benefits. 
  • Improving the performance of your traditional advisor salesforce using automation.

Our Calling

Our purpose is to inspire greatness — in ourselves, in each other, and in our clients and partners.

The mission? To deliver technology and services that empower people and organizations to reach their highest potential. 

Our vision is to be North America’s most trusted and sought-after insurance distribution experts.

Partner with distribution experts who understand your business.

We know the insurance industry is complex and evolving. Work with a partner who understands your unique business challenges and can share the best practices that get you to market faster. 

With over 15 years’ experience selling insurance online, we combine our tech knowledge with proven experience navigating complex industry regulations to generate more revenue for you. 

We’ve had a longstanding successful partnership with Lavvi for nearly a decade, built on trust and digital distribution expertise. Allowing the Lavvi team to lead the build of our digital distribution platforms for both our distribution partners direct-to-consumer solutions and advisor sales distribution strategies has allowed our internal teams to refocus on our backend systems and processing. Lavvi’s API-driven platform has helped us get to market faster, and the flexibility of the platform has also made us easier for other insurers or agents to partner with. Meanwhile, we’ve seen a 231% increase in online sales year over year via our distribution partners direct-to-consumer solutions and that number is still rising! Luc Bossé, Vice President Sales & Marketing,
Assumption Mutual Life

Integrating to new systems can be complex and demanding, but working with a supportive partner like Lavvi who goes the extra mile improves the experience significantly” Mark Gauthier, Chief Technology Officer, Umbrella Life


Niche expertise and guidance

Benefit from our experience implementing solutions for major carriers in the industry. We can walk you through building a business case to implementing a pilot.

All-in-one solutions that expand your reach

Reach more middle market consumers when you leverage multiple distribution channels within 1 platform. Elevate your distribution strategy mix and accomplish your revenue goals.

We meet you where you’re at (and help you plan for tomorrow)

Meet consumers on their terms, with a flexible API-driven modular platform that can evolve with your organization no matter where you are starting and prepare for tomorrow’s business needs.


To maximize your distribution reach, to make you easier to do business with, and to bring you closer to the lives you protect.

Meet our leadership team

Roddy Awad Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Roddy has 25 years’ experience in enterprise business technology. He also has 15 years of experience in the insurance industry in corporate project management, management consulting, technology advisory and the delivery of digital tools for the sale and distribution of…

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Sean Cook Vice President of People

With more than 25 years’ experience in the IT and business technology industry, Sean is skilled at leading enterprise-wide mission-critical initiatives for large corporations. He is known for his leadership abilities and project management skills and has held key positions…

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Laurence Paradis Bolduc Vice President of Product

Laurence brings more than 10 years’ experience in product analytics to her role as Vice President of Product. She is known for her initiative and ability to deliver results. When she first joined Lavvi, she played an integral role in…

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Vanessa Matthews Vice President of Marketing

Vanessa brings more than 15 years of industry experience to her role. As a Senior Vice President for Portfolio Solutions Group, she launched a new division focused on providing consulting services for startups and developed successful go-to-market strategies for clients.…

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Mireille Caissie Vice President of Operations

With 20 years’ experience, Mireille is well versed in managing large-scale projects at the provincial, national and international levels. She has proven leadership skills in managing teams, with the unique ability to highlight the strengths and expertise of all members.…

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Jason McManaman Strategic Advisor of Technology and Security

With more than 20 years’ IT experience, Jason is a strategic leader who is passionate about technology. He has proven expertise in leading diverse and complex transformational programs in the IT industry and is known for implementing effective and secure…

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Javairia Asif Director of People Operations

Javairia brings to Lavvi 6+ years experience in people operations and is responsible for taking care of our most prized assets – our people. She is responsible for critical areas of the organization, such as team member engagement, retention, and…

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Christian Knudsen Director of Sales

Christian is an accomplished senior-level sales professional and consultant with nearly 20 year’s experience in his field, along with almost a decade of deep insurance industry expertise. With a proven track record for helping agents, brokers and insurance companies transform…

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