developers use Azure AI and Cognitive Services to build the future of life insurance distribution

Blog | March 172022

At Lavvi, we’re on a mission to build the future of life insurance distribution. For far too long the life insurance industry has been neglected by technology. But now, with the popularization of AI enabling technologies, this people-first industry stands to gain massively from AI heavy solutions.

While humans currently bear the brunt of time intensive insurance paperwork and applications, AI tools are freeing-up advisors and carriers allowing them to focus on the people they protect.

When we first set out to build digital solutions that address the challenges of an industry with a lot of technical debt and legacy systems, we knew that there would be a lot of opportunities to leverage modern development tools to bring things like no-code tech and artificial intelligence into this space.

For example, our development team has been able to do exciting innovative work with Microsoft Azure’s Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services solutions to get the power of next-gen tech into the hands of life insurance carriers and advisors. Using AI in our solutions automates the busywork, so carriers and advisors can focus on building their business and consumers can enjoy the process of shopping for coverage.

On our mission to make the life insurance sales process as simple as humanly possible, we’ve set out to bake in as much automation and artificial intelligence in our solutions as possible, while ensuring our solutions meet complex industry compliance and regulation needs, of course,” said Jason McManaman, Strategic Advisor of Technology and Security at Lavvi.

A great example of this kind of work is the AI chatbot we’re currently working on.”

The AI chatbot is a tool that helps advisors navigate and conduct eligibility checks. This tool delivers relevant guidance, data, and resources to the advisor and also features FAQs. Naturally, a product of this nature marries next gen capabilities of Azure AI and Cognitive Services with customer-centric language and an intuitively understood interface.

Working in impactful tools like these with a ton of technical sophistication gives our development team opportunity to evolve their skills. The leadership team put their confidence in my technical and disciplinary skills to take on the task of developing the chatbot,” said Ibrahim Jaber, a member of the Lavvi development team.

As a result, I got my first chance to design solutions that provide the best conversation experience by using the power of Machine Learning and AI to analyze a vast number of contexts across multiple languages. Working with state-of-the-art solutions on Azure is an exciting experience for the team and I.”

Jaber says the experience of working with a high-performance team and world-class solutions has become a knowledge and skill accelerant.

Ever since I joined Lavvi as a software developer, it has been enjoyably challenging because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. The past 7‑months have helped grow my knowledge of multiple technical/​design disciplines and allowed me to attain confidence in my day-to-day responsibilities,” he said.

Jaber isn’t the only member of the team who has become fluent in building AI applications. Work with azure AI is commonplace for team members as they build the human-centric future of life insurance distribution.

If challenge, support, and opportunities to make impact are something you’re looking for in a career, Lavvi is actively looking for entry-level, intermediate, and senior developers to join the team.

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If anyone is looking for a fast-paced environment that accelerates your career, while having a terrific team with devoted leadership and a well-thought-out product roadmap; then Lavvi is the choice,” says Jaber.

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